Dear Girl Scout,

People will be confused that you are in Scouting because they don’t realize it is co-ed. People will also call it Boy Scouts. Yes, it will even happen on official trips, I had to correct the flight attendant on the flight to the 2010 World Jamboree. I give you permission to be as mad as you want about this. It’s been thirty years, not three. Be polite, we are scouts after all, but you can totally correct people. Also, you can totally rant about it. In fact, I encourage you to, it’s very therapeutic.
Don’t be scared to be “girly”, it’s okay if you aren’t but if you are don’t feel bad about it. I spent too long trying to fit in with the guys by not being at all girly. This is not to say camp is the place for a hair straighter or lipstick. (Trust me on the lipstick one, bad idea on so many levels) But don’t feel weird about having your nail polish still on, or owning pink board shorts, or bringing a stuffed animal to camp. Don’t feel like you have to pretend to be something you aren’t to be a scout. I wear lipstick every day in real life. I own purple long underwear. I am also a scout.
That said don’t sell yourself short. Don’t ever think you are too small, too weak, too girly to do anything. Ever. You can play dodge ball, you can light fires, you can canoe, you can tie knots. You can do anything any other scout can. Don’t ever think you can’t. It’s sometimes tempting to let the boys carry the water or light the fire, don’t. You don’t have to do it all the time, but neither do they. Being a scout is sharing the work equally and helping everyone learn to be better.
Being a scout is part of your everyday life and it’s awesome. Don’t be scared to let people in the rest of your life know you are a scout. Maybe that means you are the kind of girl who keeps pocket duct tape (best invention ever) and a pocket knife in her purse. You know what, that isn’t weird its badass. If you don’t carry a purse I still highly recommend pocket duct tape and a pocket knife as everyday essentials. Way more important that the stuff on those lists in Seventeen Magazine. You never know when you need to fix something or cut something.
I want you to know that you are not the only one. Many women and girls have been the only one of something. Know that there are amazing women in scouting who know what it feels like. Many women have come before you and they are there for you should you need someone to talk to, or rant to.
You are a scout and you are a girl and that is awesome. Wear your uniform with pride, you are part of something amazing.
Lot’s of love and happy Scouting,
           Morgan Baskin
P.S. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick matched the red uniform perfectly and contrasts with the blue Venturer one beautifully. #justsaying
I will happily send you a hard copy addressed to any girl scout you would like, just shoot me an email at and I’ll stick in the mail to you promptly.